The insect-proof net is similar to window screen, with high tensile strength, UV resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other properties, non-toxic and tasteless, and its service life is generally 4-6 years, up to 10 years. It not only has the advantages of sunshade, but also overcomes the disadvantages of sunshade, and is worth vigorously promoting.

Several problems needing attention in selecting insect net

At present, many vegetable farmers use 30-mesh insect nets, while some vegetable farmers use 60-mesh insect nets. At the same time, vegetable farmers also use black, brown, white, silver and blue insect nets, so what kind of insect net is appropriate?

First of all, insect prevention nets should be reasonably selected according to the pests to be prevented. For example, many pests began to move to the shed in autumn, especially some moth and butterfly pests. Due to the large size of these pests, vegetable farmers can use relatively small mesh of insect prevention nets, such as 30-60 mesh insect prevention nets. However, for those with more weeds and whitefly outside the shed, it is necessary to prevent whitefly from entering through the hole of the insect prevention net according to its smaller size. It is recommended that vegetable farmers use a dense insect prevention net, such as 40-60 mesh.

Secondly, choose different colors of insect nets according to different needs. Because thrips have a strong tendency to blue, it is easy to attract thrips outside the shed to the surrounding of the greenhouse by using the blue anti-insect net. Once the anti-insect net is not tightly covered, a large number of thrips will enter the shed and cause harm; When using white insect net, this phenomenon will not occur in the greenhouse, and when using with sunshade net, it is better to choose white. Another kind of silver-gray insect prevention net has a good repellent effect on aphids. The black insect prevention net has a significant shading effect, and is not suitable for use in winter and even cloudy days. You can choose according to the actual use needs.

Generally, in spring and autumn, compared with summer, the temperature is lower and the light is weaker, so white insect net should be selected; In summer, in order to give consideration to shading and cooling, black or silver-gray insect prevention nets should be selected; In areas where aphids and virus diseases are serious, silver-gray insect prevention nets should be selected in order to drive away aphids and prevent virus diseases.

Thirdly, when selecting the anti-insect net, pay attention to check whether the anti-insect net is complete. Some vegetable farmers reported that many newly bought insect prevention nets have holes, so they reminded vegetable farmers to expand the insect prevention nets and check whether there are holes in the insect prevention nets when purchasing.

However, we suggest that when used alone, coffee and silver gray should be selected, while when used with shading screen, silver gray and white should be selected. Generally, 40-60 mesh should be selected.

Post time: Jan-13-2023