• Fine Mesh Agricultural Anti-insect Net For Greenhouse

    Fine Mesh Agricultural Anti-insect Net For Greenhouse

    Insect-proof net with high tensile strength, UV resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other properties, non-toxic and tasteless, the service life is generally 4-6 years, up to 10 years. It not only has the advantages of shading nets, but also overcomes the shortcomings of shading nets. It is easy to operate and is worthy of vigorous promotion. It is very necessary to install insect-proof nets in greenhouses. It can play four roles: it can effectively prevent insects. After covering the insect net, it can basically avoid a variety of pests such as cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moths, and aphids.

  • Knotless Anti Bird Net For Fruits And Vegetables

    Knotless Anti Bird Net For Fruits And Vegetables

    The role of anti-bird net:
    1. Prevent birds from damaging fruits. By covering the bird-proof net over the orchard, an artificial isolation barrier is formed, so that the birds cannot fly into the orchard, which can basically control the damage of the birds and the fruits that are about to ripen, and the rate of good fruit in the orchard is significantly improved.
    2. Effectively resist the invasion of hail. After the bird-proof net is installed in the orchard, it can effectively resist the direct attack of hail on the fruit, reduce the risk of natural disasters, and provide a solid technical guarantee for the production of green and high-quality fruit.
    3. It has the functions of light transmission and moderate shading. The anti-bird net has high light transmittance, which basically does not affect the photosynthesis of the leaves; in the hot summer, the moderate shading effect of the anti-bird net can create a suitable environmental condition for the growth of fruit trees.

  • Anti-Bird Net For Orchard and Farm

    Anti-Bird Net For Orchard and Farm

    The anti-bird net is made of nylon and polyethylene yarns and is a net that prevents birds from entering certain areas. It is a new type of net widely used in agriculture. This net has different net ports and can control all kinds of birds. In addition, it can also cut off the breeding and transmission routes of birds, reduce the use of chemical pesticides, and ensure high-quality, healthy and green products.

  • Small mesh orchard, vegetable cover to prevent pests

    Small mesh orchard, vegetable cover to prevent pests

    The role of insect net:
    Studies have shown that the use of insect-proof nets can greatly reduce the use of pesticides, which is beneficial to the development of ecological agriculture, and is one of the key technologies in the production system of pollution-free agricultural products. The function of the insect-proof net is mainly to block foreign organisms. According to the size of its aperture, the insect-proof net can play a significant role in blocking the pests, birds and rodents that damage crops.
    It is mainly used to control the occurrence and spread of citrus aphids and citrus psyllids and other viruses and pathogenic vector insects. It can also inhibit the occurrence of some bacterial and fungal diseases to a certain extent, especially for canker. Insect-proof net covering can be used to prevent frost, rainstorm, fruit falling, insects and birds, etc. At the same time, it can ensure the yield and quality of fruits and increase economic benefits. Therefore, insect-proof net coverage may become a new model of fruit tree facility cultivation.

  • Anti-animal net for orchard and farm

    Anti-animal net for orchard and farm

    The anti-animal net made of polyethylene is odorless, safe, non-toxic and highly flexible. HDPE life can also reach more than 5 years, and the cost is lower.

    Animal-proof and bird-proof nets can generally be used for the protection of grapes, cherries, pear trees, apples, wolfberry, breeding, kiwifruit, etc. For the protection of grapes, many farmers think it is necessary. For the grapes on the shelf, it can be completely covered, and it is more appropriate to use a strong animal-proof and bird-proof net, and the fastness is relatively better. Animal nets protect crops from damage from various wild animals and ensure harvests. It is widely used in the Japanese market.

  • Anti-bee mesh net high-density anti-bite

    Anti-bee mesh net high-density anti-bite

    Anti-bee net is made of high-density PE wire. Made of HDPE with UV stabilizer. 30%~90% shade factor, mesh small enough to keep bees out, but still allow sunlight to pass through the tree during bloom. The mesh is treated with UV protection to help prevent breakage and ensure the mesh can be used for many seasons.

  • Anti Insect net high density  for vegetables and fruits

    Anti Insect net high density for vegetables and fruits

    The insect-proof net is made of monofilament, and the monofilament is made of special anti-ultraviolet material, which makes the net have durability and service life. It has strong hems, is flexible, lightweight and easy to spread. HDPE material insect control nets are available in 20 mesh, 30 mesh, 40 mesh, 50 mesh, 60 mesh and other specifications. (Other widths available upon request)

  • Chicken plastic nets for poultry farming

    Chicken plastic nets for poultry farming

    The plastic chicken net has the advantages of sun resistance, aging resistance, high toughness, long service life, good corrosion resistance, large tensile force, wind and sun resistance and long service life.Tough and durable chicken nets keep the other species of birds/animals raised in addition to raising chicks out, while allowing sunlight and water in; in addition to protecting your fruit trees, berry bushes and other plants from Infestation by robbers, squirrels, rabbits, moles and other small animals as your orchard/garden/vineyard fence; provides maximum protection without harming birds and other insects and animals; helps fight disease/ The spread of pest control, protect your crops to grow better.