Vineyard Orchard Insect-proof Mesh Bag

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Insect-proof mesh bag not only has the function of shading, but also has the function of preventing insects. It has high tensile strength, UV resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other properties. It is non-toxic and tasteless. Material. Insect-proof mesh bags are mainly used for the seedling and cultivation of vineyards, okra, eggplant, tomatoes, figs, solanaceous, melons, beans and other vegetables and fruits in summer and autumn, which can improve the emergence rate, seedling rate and seedling quality.​​

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Insect nets made of polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon should have a certain anti-aging ability, and their service life should not be less than 3 years under the conditions of use according to the product instructions.
The density of insect nets is usually expressed in terms of mesh, which is the number of holes per square inch. According to the type and size of the main pests of greenhouse crops, the suitable mesh of the greenhouse insect control net is 20 meshes to 50 meshes. The specific mesh number should be selected and designed according to the type and size of the main pests and diseases.
The color of the insect-proof mesh bag should be mainly white and colorless and transparent, and it can also be black or silver-gray. White and colorless insect-proof nets have good light transmittance, black insect-proof nets have good shading effect, and silver-gray insect-proof nets can avoid aphid effects. After agricultural products are covered with insect-proof nets, they can effectively prevent cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moths, cabbage armyworms, and Spodoptera litura. , Yellow warped flea beetle, beetle, aphids and other pests. According to the test, the insect control net is 94-97% effective against cabbage cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moths, cowpea pod borers and Liriomyza sativa, and 90% against aphids.

Product Specification

Item Material Size Application
GGC88™ Insect Net Pocket Nylon 15*10cm Strawberry
GGC88™ Insect Net Pocket Nylon 15*25cm Peach
GGC88™ Insect Net Pocket Nylon 25*25cm Tomato
GGC88™ Insect Net Pocket Nylon Bigger Bigger

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