Free installation folding square mosquito net

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The mosquito net has a large space, no sense of space depression, exquisite materials, fashionable and fashionable, beautiful and luxurious, not only can prevent mosquitoes, but also is a kind of beautiful enjoyment.
It is easy to store, does not take up space, and is also very convenient to carry when traveling. Simple structure, no installation, more convenient to use. Adult beds, cribs, sofas, and outdoor are suitable for multiple scenarios.

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1 The mosquito net is breathable, strong, durable and lightweight. The sewing is exquisite and delicate, there are no breakages and loopholes around the product, and the edging is firm and does not drop. The mesh size is uniform and tight to prevent mosquitoes from getting in. Breathable, does not interfere with breathing during sleep.
2 Mosquito nets are safe and non-toxic. It not only has a good mosquito repellent effect, but also creates a comfortable and peaceful sleeping environment. Compared with mosquito repellent spray and mosquito coils, this kind of physical mosquito repellent is safer. They do not have any irritation or effect on the human body and can directly avoid mosquito bites for us.
3 Simple operation, easy installation, soft texture, can be used repeatedly. Easy to remove and clean the mosquito net. The mosquito net is light and breathable, easy to wash and dry. Not easy to pull yarn, washable and durable, very environmentally friendly.

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