Agricultural Windbreak Nets To Reduce Crop Loss

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1.Windproof net, also known as windproof and dust-suppressing wall, windproof wall, wind-shielding wall, dust-suppressing wall. It can suppress dust, wind resistance, wear resistance, flame retardant and corrosion resistance.

2.Its characteristics When the wind passes through the wind suppression wall, two phenomena of separation and attachment appear behind the wall, forming upper and lower interfering airflow, reducing the wind speed of the incoming wind, and greatly losing the kinetic energy of the incoming wind; reducing the turbulence of the wind and eliminating the Eddy current of incoming wind; reduce shear stress and pressure on the surface of bulk material yard, thereby reducing the dusting rate of material pile.

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1. Anti-ultraviolet (anti-aging) The surface of the product is spray-coated, which can absorb ultraviolet rays in sunlight, reduce the oxidation rate of the material itself, make the product have better anti-aging performance and increase its service life. At the same time, the UV transmittance is low, which avoids the damage of the material in the sunlight.
2. Flame retardancy Because it is a metal plate, it has good flame retardancy, which can meet the requirements of fire protection and safety production.
3. Impact resistance The product has high strength and can withstand the impact of hail (strong wind). In the impact strength test, a steel ball with a mass of 1kg is used to freely fall from the top of the sample at a height of 1.5 meters from the peak of the wave, and the product has no fracture or through holes.
4. The surface of the anti-static product is treated by electrostatic spraying. After being irradiated by sunlight, it can oxidize and decompose the organic dirt attached to the surface of the product. In addition, its super hydrophilicity makes the dust easy to be washed by rainwater, which is self-cleaning. Effective, no maintenance costs.

Product Specification

Package:  Roll packing 
Feature:  Flame retardant, dustproof, environmental protection 
Usage:  Site,building perimeter, industry, agriculture 
Size:  1.8*6mCustomized 

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