Bale net for pasture and straw collection Bundle

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The bale net is a knitted material made of plastic sand thread produced by a knitting machine. Its weaving method is the same as that of winding net, the only difference is that their gram weight is different. Usually, the gram weight of the winding net is about 4g/m, while the weight of the bale net is more than 6g/m.

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Product advantage

In recent years, straw baling nets have become a very popular choice. Since the introduction of the comprehensive straw utilization policy, farmers have been prohibited from burning straw, and straw baling nets have been widely used in domestic and foreign farms, paddy fields and grasslands. hemp rope. Compared with hemp rope, bale net has the following advantages:
Save bundling time
The bale net can be packed in only 2-3 laps, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work, and reduces the friction on the equipment, which saves fuel. The bale net surface is easy to lay flat on the ground. This open net allows the straw to fall off the net surface, creating a more weather-resistant hay roll. Binding hay with twine creates a concavity and rainwater infiltration can cause the hay to rot. Using a bale net can reduce losses by up to 50%. This loss is much more wasted than the cost of the bale net.

Product application

It is suitable for the harvesting and storage of straw and pasture in large farms and grasslands; it can also play a role in winding industrial packaging.
1. Save bundling time: it only takes 2-3 laps to pack, while reducing equipment friction.
2. Strengthen the wind resistance, which is better than the traditional hemp rope, which can reduce the rot of the hay by about 50%.
3. The flat surface saves the time of unfolding the net, and at the same time, it is convenient to take and unload.

Product Specification

mateiral HDPE
width 1m-12m as your request
length 50m-1000m as your request
weight 10-11 gsm
Colour any colors is available
UV as your request

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