1. Before sowing or planting, the pupae and larvae of parasites in the soil shall be killed by using high-temperature closed shed or spraying low-toxicity pesticides.

2. When planting, it is best to bring medicine into the shed and select healthy plants without diseases and pests.

3. Strengthen daily management, close the door of the greenhouse when entering and leaving the greenhouse, and disinfect the relevant utensils before agricultural operations to prevent the introduction of virus, so as to ensure the use effect of the anti-insect net.

4. It is necessary to check whether the insect net is torn or not, and repair it in time once found to ensure that there is no invasion of pests in the greenhouse.

5. Ensure coverage quality. The insect-proof net shall be completely closed and covered, tightly compacted with earth around, and firmly fixed with film pressing line; The doors of large and medium sheds and greenhouses must be installed with insect screens, and attention should be paid to close them immediately when entering and leaving. The height of the trellis should be significantly higher than that of the crops in the small-arch shed covered with insect prevention net to prevent the vegetable leaves from clinging to the insect prevention net, so as to prevent the pests from feeding or laying eggs on the vegetable leaves outside the net. The insect-proof net used to close the vent shall not leave gaps between the net and the transparent cover, so as not to leave access for pests.

6. Comprehensive supporting measures. In addition to the coverage of insect prevention net, combined with comprehensive supporting measures such as disease and insect resistant varieties, heat resistant varieties, pollution-free package fertilizer Jiamei bonus, Hailibao, Yinglilai, biological pesticide, pollution-free water source, micro-spray and micro-irrigation, better results can be achieved.

7. Use and keep properly. After the use of the insect net in the field, it should be collected, washed, dried and rolled in time to extend its service life and increase economic benefits.

Post time: Jan-13-2023