In recent years, as a new type of protective cover material, the sun screen has been widely used in various agricultural production and life. All kinds of sunshades produced by our company are sold all over the country and are well received by users.

In summer, it is hot and changeable, and the temperature is high, which is prone to thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail and other weather. In the face of such weather, it is particularly important to take protective measures for crops, vegetables and other crops. The coverage rate can solve the attraction problem well, and the use of shading net can greatly increase the crop yield, bringing tangible benefits to farmers.

In midsummer, the weather is hot and changeable, the temperature is high, and thunderstorms, rainstorms, hail and other weather occur from time to time. In the face of this weather, the protection measures of flowers, vegetables and other crops are particularly important. The use of shading net for device concealment can well solve the appeal problem. The use of shading net can significantly increase the yield of crops and bring tangible benefits to farmers.

As an indispensable product, the sunshade net used in summer can play a role in shading, effectively preventing cooling, moisturizing, controlling storms and pests, especially the loss of pests caused by the movement of pests. Winter use can play a role of heat preservation and moisture, and can also prevent birds from damaging crops. Not only agriculture, but also the real estate industry is using the real estate safety net. Safety net and coloring net are the same type of products. The use of building safety net can improve the construction safety of the building industry and prevent construction. In this process, people and foreign objects fall in the air, reducing the risk of operation. Various dust-like materials used in the project can be used to prevent wind through sand screen, realize civilized and safe construction, protect the environment and beautify the city.

Post time: Feb-20-2023