Summer is a season of strong sunlight and high temperature in the four seasons of the year. The main function of sunshade is to block the sun. Now it is autumn, and the temperature and light intensity are slowly decreasing. Some places have removed sunshade. Many people think that summer has passed, and the sales of sunshade  net will be greatly reduced, and the sunshade market has entered a time of life and death. Is that true?

In fact, this is not the case. Because most people still stay in the traditional understanding of the sunshade net, and think that the sunshade net can only shade the sun and has no other role. However, after the rapid development of the sunshade in recent years, it has entered a new era. The types of sunshade net have become various and more functional. In addition to shading in agriculture, sunshade nets also play a series of roles such as heat preservation, moisture preservation, frost prevention, insect pest prevention, bird pest prevention, rainstorm prevention, hail damage to crops. In autumn, many crops have reached the harvest season, so insect proof sunshade nets and bird proof sunshade nets need to be used to prevent pests and birds from harming crops. In spring and autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, so sunshade nets play a role in heat preservation, Protect crops from frost.

The use of sunshade is not limited to agriculture. The sunshade has developed to have various uses, such as anti-falling sunshade net , dust-proof sunshade and wind-proof sunshade for urban construction; Also, sunshade nets are used in urban landscaping to protect the seedlings of trees and keep the lawn warm. The manufacturers of sunshade nets are not limited to producing single sunshade nets, such as football nets, volleyball nets, badminton nets, table tennis nets, etc. used in sports, many of which are produced by sunshade manufacturers, so the sales of sunshade nets are no longer affected by the seasons as before. Now no matter what season, The market of sunshade is very hot. Most of the sunshade orders received by our company recently are for thermal insulation. Only the use of sunshade will change with the seasons. The sales of sunshade net will not be affected basically. The market of sunshade has no off-season.

Post time: Mar-02-2023