The sunshade net has the functions of shading strong light, reducing high temperature, preventing rainstorm, hail, cold and frost. How to use the sunshade net?

Correct use of sunshade:

1、 To correctly select the shading screen, the colors of the shading screen on the market are mainly black and silver gray. The black shading rate is high and the cooling effect is good, but it has a large impact on photosynthesis. It is more suitable for use on leafy vegetables. If it is used on some light-loving vegetables, the covering time should be reduced. Although the cooling effect of the silver gray shading screen is not as good as that of black, it has a small impact on the photosynthesis of vegetables, It can be used on light-loving vegetables such as eggplants and fruits.

2、 To use the sunshade correctly, there are two methods of sunshade coverage: full coverage and sunshade coverage. In practical application, sunshade coverage is more widely used because of its smooth air circulation and good cooling effect. The specific method is to use the skeleton of the arch shed to cover the sun screen on the top, and leave a 60-80 cm ventilation belt on it. If the film is covered, the sun screen cannot be directly covered on the film, and a gap of more than 20 cm should be left to use the wind to cool down.

3、 Although covering the sun screen can reduce the temperature, it also reduces the light intensity and has adverse effects on the photosynthesis of vegetables, so the covering time is also very important. It should be avoided to cover the whole day. It can be covered between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. according to the temperature. When the temperature drops to 30 ℃, the sun screen can be removed, and it should not be covered on overcast days to minimize the adverse effects on vegetables.

Post time: Mar-02-2023